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    A system for thorough absolute characterization of molecules

    Wyatt Technology's DAWN HELEOS II is an 18-angle multi-angle light scattering (MALS) detector.  It can assist in absolute characterization of molecules, including molecular weight, radius of gyration, conformation, second virial coefficient, and copolymer/protein conjugate analysis. 

    The HELEOS is compatible with most aqueous and organic solvents and can operate at temperatures from –15 to 150 degC.  Detection ranges are ~1 kD to 1000 MDa (mass) and 10 to 500 nm (diameter).

    The accompanying ASTRA software allows you to analyze your results in real-time

    The instrument is connected in-line with an AKTApurifier UPC-10 FPLC system.  This not only guarantees sample purity, but permits real-time monitoring of the composition of your sample as lower-weight components pass through the size-exclusion column more rapidly.  Several size-exclusion columns are available for the system to suit your needs.

    Also in-line with the HELEOS, Wyatt's Optilab T-rEX measures concentration, refractive index increment (dn/dc), and absolute refractive index.