Services and Instruments

    Bio-Rad FX Pro Plus Molecular Imager

    Website: Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

    Scan and analyze fluorescent, radiolabeled, chemiluminescent, and stained samples on 2-D media
    The FX Pro Plus imaging system scans virtually any 2-D medium for virtually any flavor of data, from simple 1-D fluorescent blots, to color-stained colonies in growth media, to radioisotope-exposed phosphor screens.  Instrument control and data analysis are integrated into a single, powerful software suite, creating a streamlined workflow that yields rapid results.
    • Performs scans in 2-10 minutes, dependent upon the size of your medium
    • Particularly sensitive to radiolabeling and fluorescence-based methods
    • Works with blots on gel and nitrocellulose, phosphor and most other radioisotope exposure screens (excepting tritium), microplates, and more...
    • Has external 488nm and 635nm lasers in addition to the standard internal 532nm laser so as to accomodate a wide selection of fluorophores
    • Manually transform your image after acquisition for a more robust qualitative inspection; all the usual image processing functions are available, including cropping and adjustment of contrast, intensity, and gamma

    • Software includes versatile detection and analysis algorithms for lane, spot, and colony demarcation, quantitive densitometry reading, and multichannel overlay of correlative data: 
    • Quantity One (MANUAL), useful for blots and other one-dimensional PAGE techniques
    • PDQuest (MANUAL), useful for difference gel electrophoresis (DIGE) and other two-dimensional PAGE techniques