Wyatt Dynapro Nanostar & Plate Reader

    Website: DynaPro Nanostar  DynaPro Plate Reader

    High-throughput and high-accuracy options for analysis of macromolecular properties in solution

    The Nanostar incorporates both dynamic and static light scattering components into a single cuvette-based instrument that is extraordinarly accurate and precise.  The DLS detector yields a theoretical hydrodynamic radius based on the Brownian motion of the molecules, and the single-angle SLS detector determines the absolute mass; comparing the calculated radius and the actual mass can give you a good idea of the shape/conformation of a molecule of interest.

    Cuvettes range from 1 uL to 1mL in size; the larger the sample volume, the more robust the measurements will be.  The detectable molecular weight range is from 300 Da to 1 MDa

    The Plate Reader is ideal for gathering useful data quickly.  It accepts 96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates from most manufacturers.  While the Nanostar is ideal for thorough analysis of a particular molecule, the Plate Reader is an automated approach for those taking a broader look at different types of molecules and conditions.  Simply load all samples onto your plate, set your parameters, and take lunch.
    • Size range: 0.5-1000 nm
    • Precise temperature control
    • Fully programmable for automated parameter control
    • Automatically attenuated laser so that power is commensurate with total quantity of analyte; prevents frying your sample
    • Gather data as a function of time, temperature, or any variable of interest; data is output in real-time
    • Examine melting, aggregation, and denaturation by setting a temperature ramp rate
    • Observe the kinetics of molecules as they interact
    • DYNAMICS software is straightforward, customizable, and gives you an immense variety of analysis options, so that you can choose the best one for your sample; graphically displays size and size distribution information, polydispersity, transition analysis, and mass